Terms of service


These terms of service define how the services available through the website at http://seating-plan.net are provided. These services are called "the Service" and seating-plan.net is called "the Site".

The Site provides to internet users an online computer program that allows to create, modify and save a guests list with seats around tables for one reception. These elements constitute together what is called a "Seating Plan".

Company operating the Site

The Site and the Service are operated by Genius Map SARL, whose postal address is: Genius Map 70, av. Pierre Brossolette 94000 Créteil France Genius MAP SARL is officially registered at the "Tribunal de Commerce de Créteil" under the number 523 555 811.

Access to the Site

The price of the Service does not include the potiental cost of access to the Internet network, as well as any potential cost incurred by the use of a computer to access the Service.

Demonstration Service

The non-paying user can access a demonstration service that allows to start a seating plan, but without the ability to print or save.

Paid Service

The access to the Service without restriction is opened to the user as soon as an online payment for the price specified on the site has been successfully submitted . The access is opened for one "Seating Plan", for one reception and for a period of one year.


The user of the Service needs to register with a personal electronic mail address (email). This email address is the identifier for the Service. A random confidential password, generated by the Service, is sent to this email address. The user is then able to connect to the Site by using this email and this password. The knowledge of the email and password together is considered by the Service to be a proof that the person connecting to the Site is the person that registered with this email.

Price and payment

The price mentioned on the Site applies for all the duration of use of the Service. The payment is processed through Paypal France SAS, 21 rue de la Banque 75002 Paris, registered in Paris under the number 451782262.

Data retention

The Service keeps the data of the "Seating Plan" during one year from the payment's date. The user can also ask that the data be removed before that date, by simply asking for it through the contact form when being authentified on the Site. The user can also ask for one more year of data retention, at no additional cost.


The data input by the user during the user of the Service is considered as private. The Service's operator will not transmit this data to any third party.

Intellectual property

Texts, pictures, logos and Flash applications on the Site exclusively belong to Genius Map SARL. They may not be copied or reused without a written consent from Genius Map SARL.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms of Service are bound to the french law.

In case of dispute regarding the Terms of Service, the parties involved agree that the court of Paris, France, is to be responsible to judge the case, unless specific law procedures dictate otherwise.